The greatest discoveries in biomedical research lead to transformative changes in medicine, healthcare, and our well-being.

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The greatest discoveries in biomedical research lead to transformative changes in medicine, healthcare, and our well-being. This includes fields such as synthetic biology, immunology, genomics, and molecular biology. To support our firm belief in supporting biomedical research, Abpro is committed to providing exceptional technologies, products, and services to accelerate life sciences research.

Research Products and Services

Antibody Development

Abpro offers a comprehensive suite of antibody services, from gene synthesis to assay development. We have a broad range of options available to meet all of your antibody...

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Assay Development

Abpro has a highly talented team of immunoassay scientists with extensive assay development experience. Our team has delivered high quality, functional monoclonal antibodies and corresponding...

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Antigen Generation

We are experts in custom protein expression. Abpro can deliver all your protein needs from accession number through expression and purification (and antibody development). Our proteins are of the...

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Preclinical Product Development

At Abpro, we offer a full range of in vivo preclinical early stage research, efficacy, pharmacology, and safety studies. With our expertise and experience, we can offer a wide range of standard study designs in pharmacology, toxicology, cancer xenograft, metabolic, and immunology models. Our hands-on collaborative approach with our clients means that our scientists will work with you to learn your specific preclinical study requirements and assist you from initial study design to final reporting of your data to provide you with dependable results.

Metabolic Disease Models

Choosing the most appropriate model for your metabolic disease research and drug development projects is crucial for proper efficacy assessment of therapeutic interventions. At Abpro, we can work...

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Cancer Disease Models

Whether you are assessing small molecule drug candidate efficacy in a human xenograft tumor mouse model, or evaluation of immune-based therapies in a syngeneic mouse tumor model, Abpro provides...

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Inflammation and Autoimmune Models

With the wide range of rodent autoimmune and inflammatory models of human disease it can be confusing to decide which model is best for your particular drug development and research needs. Our...

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Pharmacology Services

Abpro offers in vivo preclinical pharmacology services in both mouse and rat using a full range of dosing administration routes and regimens for both small molecules and biologics. Tissue and body...

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Toxicology Services

Abpro offers a full range of in vivo non-GLP toxicology services in both mice and rats providing early assessment of drug candidate toxicity allowing for a more informed drug discovery direction...

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